☃ December 2011 Update 3 ☃

It’s so co~~~~ld! o__o We only have a bit of snow on the ground, but it’s positively freezing! O__O Anyway… For this post, I thought I’d mention some dances that I’d really like to do, but I haven’t had a chance to get to yet.

☺ Morning Musume – LOVE Machine
– I had actually wanted to do this dance (the super-short version that they used in the rehearsal video) for my first New Year’s Day dance, but I had a couple of requests at that time, so I ended up using “Pepper Keibu” instead. Then, I was going to do it the summer of 2010, but I had more requests. My last attempt at finally filming it was this past summer; it was going to be part of a themed set (not the summer one, but a different one)… but that fell through. (^_^”)> This one would have been in the same “multiple outfits/fade-in-and-out” style as “Koi no Dance Site.” I may still do it that way once I get around to doing it.

☺ Morning Musume – Happy Summer Wedding
– I learned a lot of this dance back in 2008 (when the rehearsal video for it was still on YouTube), but I’ve forgotten quite a bit of it. orz This was one of the first few MM songs I heard, so it holds a special place in my heart. I only worry about not having a proper outfit.

☺ Morning Musume – AS FOR ONE DAY
– For some reason, I just really want to do this dance. =D

☺ Mano Erina – Onegai Dakara…
– I can’t really remember how this dance goes, but I love the song, so I’d like to do the dance soon~.

☺ Buono! – Gachinko de Ikou!
– This is one of my favorite Buono! singles!

☺ Hello! Project Mobekimasu – Busu ni Naranai Tetsugaku
– This song has been stuck in my head for days. I’m not terribly excited about the dance shot changing angles every five seconds, though… (-_-“)

☺ Matsuura Aya – Ne~e?
– I’m actually listening to this right now. XD This was another dance that I learned a long time ago (though not that well, I’m sure (^_^”)>) so it has that nostalgic feeling for me. ^_^

☺ Minimoni – Lucky Cha Cha Cha!
– I listened to this song (and other Minimoni singles) all the time when I first found H!P music.

I’ll leave it at that for now, even though there are a ton of others that I’d like to mention (all of them are H!P… (^_^”)>). I feel like I hardly did any H!P dances this year, though I did eleven more H!P dances than non-H!P dances; it’s probably because most of the attention has been on non-H!P dances (as well as tutorials and mirrored videos).

Well, whatever I’m doing, I hope I can dance well (and soon~). ^_^ Meanwhile… still cold! XD

~ Surimu-chan

—– All right, I can’t help mentioning this… I have S/mileage’s “Please Miniskirt Postwoman!” mostly learned. I’ll probably wait until the official dance shot is out so that I can double check the moves, but I should be able to film and upload it next month. =D Ah, but it’s so cute, I don’t know if I can pull it off… T_T —–


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