ALL FOR ONE & ONE FOR ALL! (Dance Cover) Trivia

– I first recorded this dance on October 29th with my camera, but I wasn’t completely happy with the result. I had kept my energy lower because of a comment I had gotten on another dance that said I was “too energetic.” I recorded it again the next day and put more energy into it. While I’m still not complete satisfied with the result, I think it turned out better than the first take.

– I had originally wanted to save this dance for my very last dance cover (whenever that is), but I decided it would be a better celebratory dance than a goodbye dance.

– Look at that! Even though I dislike it when my hair gets in my face when I’m dancing, I left it down for all the viewers that prefer it that way. (^_^”)>

– My mom tried adjusting the focus on her camera (the camera I used to use to film), and it seemed to work well enough for this dance (except for that one bad blur).

– I made the video five minutes and fifty-five seconds long because five is my favorite number. XD

That’s all~. I guess this will be the last trivia post for a while, huh? (^_^”)>

Thanks for reading~.

~ Surimu-chan


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