Autumn Pictures~!

It’s been far too long since I’ve posted any miscellaneous posts with pictures! I actually wrote this post and took these pictures about a week and a half ago, but I didn’t get around to posting it until now. (^_^”)>

A couple of caterpillars (the white one is a bit blurry because that’s a screencap of a video)…

I don’t care for bugs, but I couldn’t help but sing the “Ugly Bug Ball” song when I saw these. XDD The white one was on the driveway when I was recording my “Kia Ora Gracias Arigato” PV.

Some pretty impatiens…

Trees, trees, and more trees! (Like I said, I took these pictures a while ago; the leaves are falling now.)


And now for some more appetizing pictures. First of all, this is the celebratory chocoloate chip cookie that my mom made for me when I passed 3,000 subscribers.

That plate is 8 1/2 inches across… so it’s a big cookie. XD

Next is the angel food cake that I decorated for my aunt’s birthday.

I’m not very skilled at cake decorating… orz

This is a piece of mini-toast~. I love this stuff. My dad just bought some more for me recently! =D

This is the chili that we had on Hobbit Day (notice the mushrooms). XD

My mom and I also made this on Hobbit Day…

Lembas bread! It was the first time we had made any, but it turned out really well. In fact, it was so well received that my mom asked me to make some more the next morning. ^_^ I do believe it’s going to be a regular snack around here now.

As two weeks ago was Tolkien Week, I thought I could get one more recipe in before the week was out. On Saturday, my mom and I made “Rivendell Banquet Black-Bottom Cheesecake Muffins.”

We ended up having too much of the white topping left over, but they turned out well. My brother described the topping as cake frosting; that is, is seems like it would be frosting, but it has the consistency of cake. XD

That’s all for this post! ^_^

~ Surimu-chan


2 Responses to “Autumn Pictures~!”

  1. Kieran Says:

    Hey, came here from watching your NND dances. AW, thumbs up for your Hobbit Day foods! Could you…mmmm. maybe kindly post the recipes for Lembas bread and Rivendell Cheesecake Muffins? They look delicious!

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