Spring Shower (Dance Cover) Trivia

– I really love this song and dance, but, once it came to actually filming it, I was inexplicably nervous. o_o I don’t know why, but I do hope you won’t judge me too harshly for my shortcomings in regards to this dance. m(_ _)m

– As I said in the video description and “Surimuchan Vlog 15″ on my Facebook page, I was unable to split screen this video because the lack of room. Actually, it’s not that there wasn’t really room, it’s just that I was too used moving around a lot/using big movements for this dance, so only half of the dance area just didn’t seem to be enough. m(_ _)m

– I tried filming Butsudan Kamen’s part yesterday, but that’s when I realized that I didn’t have enough room, so I spent the rest of the day learning DO@RAT’s solos and trying to fit them into what I already knew. (^_^”)>

– When I was practicing this dance yesterday, I noticed that, whenever a dance has really sharp movements, I tense my muscles while doing them. I also curl my toes, which proved to be a mistake, because I stepped down on my right foot too hard, which resulted in a terribly sore second toe. XD Fail. orz

– For the move around thirty seconds in where I turn to face the wall, I ended up being too close to swing my arms properly. I feel a bit stupid about this, but only because I did the exact same thing yesterday. XDD

– Those that have seen Vlog 15 already know this, but I’m wearing a Kingdom Hearts II shirt that my brother bought for me, as well as an Ouran High School Host Club wristband that I bought for myself~.

– It looks like this dance will go into the “Dances That I’ll Only Watch Out of the Corner of My Eye” category ( XD ), because I’m not sure if I like how it turned out. I love doing the dance, but, for some reason, I just don’t like how it looks on film when I do it. orz

– I couldn’t believe how much I didn’t smile during this! O_O I’m sorry! m(_ _)m

– The strange arm movements around 1:10 weren’t really part of the original dance… but I automatically did that every time I did the dance anyway. XD Also, notice that I cleverly used that time to get my hair out of my face. XD

*SIGH* I hope it was okay~.

~ Surimu-chan


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