Just to show you that I wasn’t just making excuses, here’s a screencap of the unused take of my “Uchouten LOVE” dance cover. The darker area on my right arm is the bandage that I mentioned. (^_^”)>

(I just realized… it’s been forever since I put any pictures on here! o_o)

In other news, I was thinking of another possible poll. As I mentioned before, once I finish the six or seven tutorials that have been requested, I need to take a long break from tutorials for health reasons. Actually, I was thinking of taking a break from all requests after I finish my current ones until I’m feeling a bit better. I’ll explain more thoroughly in a different post. (^_^”)> Anyway, here’s where the poll comes in. Though I may not be taking requests, I don’t see any reason why I can’t have my viewers vote on which dance they want to see first. (I did this before, remember? “Our Songs” won.) And, if that get’s boring, I could assign dances to a number and have viewers vote for a random number; that way, the dance will be a surprise. =D

It’s just a thought~…

~ Surimu-chan


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