~Update 43~

Though I’m sure you’ve noticed by now, スリム☆チャンネル Polls #23 and #24 are up. =D #23 asks which of the “~ Surimu☼Summer Set ~” dances is your favorite, and #24 asks which of the Douyou Pops dances is your favorite. Personally, I’m tempted to say “夏わかめ” is my favorite for the summer dances; I think I like it because it was fun, and it’s a more obscure song. I’m not sure, but I believe Berryz kas only performed it twice. I always like doing songs that aren’t well known if I can see enough of the dance to learn it.

That’s probably why I had so much fun with the Douyou Pops dances, too; no one else has danced to them. Also, the dances were fairly easy to see (I still wish I could dance to “雪,” but it’s hard to see. T_T I might be able to piece it together from the moments with the darker background, but for now… orz), and they were short, and I got to play around with special effects. =D I loved working on all of them, so I don’t know if I can pick a favorite. (^_^”)>

In other news, I’m now using the Moderator module on YouTube. You can submit your requests/suggestions on my YouTube channel, and others can vote on them. Please note that this is a trial run; I’m not sure if I’ll continue using this method for requests. I’ll have it up for the month of August. If it works out, I’ll continue using it; if not, then I’m not sure how I’ll handle requests…

In video related news, the tutorial for “LOVE & JOY” is done. I’ll upload it in a couple of days. I’m going to try to record the steps for the “女と男のララバイゲーム” tutorial tonight. I’m not sure when I’ll be able to record the steps, but the audio is also done for the “Ability to Stir the Audience to Dance” tutorial. I’ve started writing the tutorial for the girl’s part of “右肩の蝶.” I plan on doing two separate tutorial uploads for the girl’s part and the guy’s part. This is the only time I will be doing something like this. I would have split screened it, but, near the end, when one side is repeating one section and the other side is repeating another section, I didn’t want it to get too confusing (… for myself as well…) so I decided to make two tutorials. I will probably copy and paste the directions for certain parts of the dance (when the moves are the same).

I’ve also started looking at the dance for “こころのたまご,” which was requested in June. Besides that… I actually came up with a couple of more theme ideas for dance sets. XD orz I doubt I’ll ever do one with as many dances as the summer set had again, but I can’t help but love grouping dances like that. XD

That’s all for now~! ^__^

~ Surimu-chan


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