Take It Easy! (Dance Cover) Trivia

– This was filmed July 24th using my own camera.

– The white shirt I’m wearing is one of my brother’s old shirts cut to look a little more girly. XD

– You can’t really tell, but the shirt tie/holder is light purple, and my earrings are bright, plum purple. The earrings also look like the “i” on Airi’s shirt in the PV. =D

– I’m wearing a Super Mushroom keychain on my shorts! ^__^

– You can’t really see them (hardly at all, in fact o_o), but I’m wearing pink-tinted sunglasses on my head.

– The necklace I’m wearing is a silver pendant of the USS Constitution. I bought it after seeing the real USS Constitution when I was on vacation. I just love historical stuff like that! =DD

– My camera doesn’t take in as much of the room as my mom’s camera; we moved the tripod back almost as far as it could go, but the angle was odd. orz This was  why I tried not to move off to the sides as much (especially during the dance break; sorry about the stifled hop orz) even though I ended up having more room than I had originally thought. (-_-”)

– I didn’t realize it until I was watching my dance side-by-side with the original, but my arm movements during Airi’s lines aren’t exactly right; they move their arms up and down a bit more instead of just side to side like I did. This is why I should not watch other dance covers until after I film my own; I pick up habits too easily. XD orz

That’s all for this one (which is not a lot at all, huh?). Two more left!

~ Surimu-chan


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