Surimuchan’s Bloopers 3 Info and Trivia

– I spent a day or so making the RPG-type menu pictures in Paint. Here’s a rundown on details:
I made the character sprites myself, using FFV sprites as a reference. They depict me in the green sweatshirt I wear a lot (bottom sprite), my red マトリョシカ outfit, and three outfits for my upcoming themed dances. Can you guess any of them~?
The HP for the “マトリョシカ” sprite (“Slim”) represents the day the dance cover was uploaded: May 25th.
The letters are from FFV, while the numbers are from FFVI (I don’t know if there’s much of a difference; I’ve been playing around with the letters for quite a long time, but I just got the numbers today, and I couldn’t the ones for FFV, so…)
The cursor/pointer is from FFIV.
I made the menu backgrounds myself (notice that they match my YouTube channel in color for the most part =D).
Notice the time change from the menu pictures in the beginning and those in the end. The time is the total amount of time all of my YouTube videos together makes (At least, I think it is; I did the math with a terrible headache at stupid o’clock in the morning while I was waiting for the medicine to take effect. XD If it’s wrong then… oh, well).
I put the “0 G” in there to show that I don’t get paid for my videos~. At one time, I was considering getting an online tip jar for those who liked my tutorials (or even regular dances) and wanted to contribute to my getting a new camera or something, but I didn’t want to appear shameless, so I’ll remain at “0 G.” (^_^”)>

– The fail!sound effects were done by yours truly. XD I just used Sound Recorder and made the sounds myself. orz I laugh every time I hear the whistling. XD

– For the second outdoor blooper in this video, the loud sound is from a nearby training facility.

– In a lot of the clips, you can hear my mom trying desperately to keep from laughing behind the camera. XD Even though it doesn’t matter that she laughs (because I can just overlay the music), it still makes me laugh, so I end up messing up the take. XDD

– If you watch the original “Surimuchan and… Who?!” video on Facebook, you can see that “Who?!” (who credits himself as “The Gremlin” for this video XD), is doing an exercise reminiscent of Zack’s/Cloud’s squats from Final Fantasy VII. Hooray for references~! XD

– That clip also marks the second time that someone else has been shown in my YouTube videos besides me (the first being my dance cover of “好きな先輩” where you could see my brother’s hand).

– If you can’t tell what was wrong in the “Luka Luka” tutorial clip… I had accidentally put the same audio file in twice. (^_^”)> XD

– In the “Surimuchan Explains” blooper where I say, “What on earth are you doing?!,” my mom, who was, again, trying not to laugh, threw a blanket over herself and was hunched over, trying to hide that she was laughing, but I started laughing anyway. XDD

– The sprites that I was coloring were actually just test sprites. My brother wanted some sprites of himself for his birthday, but it took me a few tries to figure out how to do his hair right. Those are the failed attempts. XD

– The blog banner that coincides with this video has another sprite that I made: a Troll. Those darn Trolls are always using “Harsh Comment” and “Dislike” on my videos, but I’ve leveled up enough to know “Delete” and “Ignore.” XDD All kidding aside, I really like how the Troll sprite turned out, and it was made completely by me with no reference! =D

That’s all! Thank you all for viewing, liking, commenting, favoriting, and subscribing to my videos~!

~ Surimu-chan


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