~Update 42~

Here’s a quick update on a couple of things:

– The “Ability to Stir the Audience to Dance” tutorial is done being written, and I only have about thirty-five to forty seconds of the “LOVE & JOY” tutorial left to write. (All of this when I’m supposed to be taking a break… relaxation fail. XD)

– You may have noticed a new page over in the sidebar. I decided to separate my dance cover stuff from my dance tutorial stuff. The page “♣ Dance Tutorials ♣” has info on making tutorial requests, the list of requested tutorials that I’m currently working on, the list of completed tutorials, and the list of mirrored dances. Consequently, the “♫ Requested Dances ♫” page will only have the requests I’ve gotten for regular dance covers, and the “☑ Completed Dances” page will no longer list the tutorials/mirrored dances.

That’s all~.

~ Surimu-chan


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