Other Notes

I’d like to add just a few small things about my tutorials:

– If I think it’s possible to learn a dance on your own (for example, if the dance is very short and/or there aren’t any difficult moves), then I won’t do a tutorial for it. Sorry~. m(_ _)m

– I don’t want others to start asking for tutorials automatically. So, if a new Vocaloid dance is out, and you want to learn it, don’t just send me a tutorial request; please start learning it by yourself. (^_^”) If you can’t get it after a lot of practice, then go ahead and ask for a tutorial~. ^_^

– When I do tutorials for a dance that involves a group, please don’t ask me to do a tutorial for the same song but a different part. (^_^”) To use an example, if I did a tutorial for every member, then I would have to do eight tutorials for “Onna to Otoko no Lullaby Game.” That could be anywhere from sixteen to twenty-four videos (depending on how I edited it) for the same song! No, thank you. Even with a smaller group, like Perfume, that’s still six to nine videos. orz So, my point is, I’m only ever going to do a tutorial for one part in any one song. (I haven’t had this problem yet, but just in case… XD)

– I’ve decided that I’d rather not accept requests (tutorial or dance cover) for AKB48 or Perfume dances anymore. I like some of the music, but the dances are usually not easy to see. This isn’t to say that I won’t be doing any more dance covers or tutorials on their dances; I just won’t be accepting requests for them. m(_ _)m

While I’m sure some people may dislike (or at least be upset with) me because of these conditions, I had to do something. I’ve been getting a lot of requests; I’ve gotten at least six new requests this month (though, I’m sorry to say, I won’t be doing them, because I did say that I won’t be taking any requests this month m(_ _)m), and I already had six that I had previously accepted. It’s a bit frustrating when I finish one only to add three more to my ‘To Do’ list. orz

While I would like to help everyone, it is, ultimately, my choice as to which dances/tutorials I will do. … And now I’m going to go feel horrible for sounding so stuck up. T__T m(_ _)m

~ Surimu-chan


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