Only you (Dance Cover) Trivia

– The audio was a bit off on the dance shot I was learning from, so some of my moves may be a bit too fast. m(_ _)m

– When I first saw the PV, I decided to do Gaki-san’s part because I loved her lines. =D

– I noticed a discrepancy for one of the moves between the two dance shots in the PV, so I had to check a couple of live performances to get it right. (^_^”)>

– At first, I tried looking at a mirrored version of the dance shot (because the audio was right in that video). That ended up making me mess up pretty much everything, so I ended up relearning all the parts that I had tried to learn on the mirrored version. orz

– I’m not sure if you can tell or not, but the vest I was wearing is denim. That being said, it was terribly warm dancing in that. o_o Before I filmed, I practiced once with the dance shot and once with the music alone; by the time I finished practicing, I was almost too tired to film. XD

– I actually did have some of my hair tied back, though you can’t tell because it was tied under the rest of my hair.

– One thing that I had a bit of a hard time with was the jumping/stepping move just before the chorus; I kept stepping on my left foot first. I did it correctly for the dance cover, but the stepping might be a bit sharp. XD

– I didn’t roll my head quite like they did because I didn’t want a repeat of my neck injury from last June. (-_-”)

– I have a bit of a scary look on my face throughout most of this dance… sorry. m(_ _)m

– Eripon’s and Fuku-chan’s parts are a little off because I couldn’t move up very far before I got cut off. (^_^”)>

– The camera battery died just after I finished filming the full dance, so I had to switch the battery for the split screened parts. Unfortunately, the camera got moved a little, so the clips are a little off. orz

– I like singing along with the song, too, though I can’t really sing… XD My favorite parts to sing are the chorus and Gaki-san’s lines. My favorite part to dance is the fast part just after the chorus. =D

Okay, that’s it! Don’t worry… this is probably my last video for at least a few days. XD

~ Surimu-chan


2 Responses to “Only you (Dance Cover) Trivia”

  1. antiswanky Says:

    Very cool. Sort of an interesting dance. It seems to be very choppy compared to a lot of their choreography. Did you enjoy doing this one?
    Is it me, or does seem like they are singing about Idols?
    I understand just a little and from the translation I looked up, they are saying things like “everyone loves your charm”, “someday you will make a bright world for us”, “even if it’s childish, my emotions will protect you.”
    Kinda sounds like a devoted fan’s message to their favorite Idol heh.
    (A little off topic of dance, but you know… 🙂

    • Surimu-chan Says:

      Thank you~! =D It does seem a lot choppier than their other dances, but I still had fun with the dance. =)
      Ah~, I hadn’t thought of the lyrics in that sense, but it definitely works! That’s an interesting way of looking at it!

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