~Update 41~

Hey, everyone!

I’m not sure if I said so on here or not (I know I mentioned it in a comment), but I usually learn five or six dances at a time (even though, last summer, I said I was going to go back to learning one at a time… XD So much for that…). I just finished the last dance of my previous “set,” so I’ve started looking at new ones. That’s why I haven’t been uploading as much lately. (^_^”)>

I tried working on tutorials for a while (if you haven’t seen my Facebook page, I have the “マトリョシカ” and “最強パレパレード” tutorials written and the audio for “マトリョシカ” recorded), but I’m sure you can understand how very… dry that can be after a few days. XD

As far as regular dances, my new “set” consists of “桃色スパークリング” (I watched °C-ute’s concert on YouTube, so that got me in the mood to do this dance =D), an older H!P song, “Only you” (the chorus is so catchy~~~), and a Vocaloid song, as well as the tutorials for “マトリョシカ,” “最強パレパレード,” and “ハッピーシンセサイザ” at least (and maybe “女と男のララバイゲーム,” though that may come in the following set).

After that set, I planned a few themed dances! *squeals* I just love themed things; maybe it’s the organizational enthusiast in me. XD And, I don’t mean to be rude, but I don’t want to give up on this set of themed dances like I did with the ManoEri dances I wanted to do in April, so I won’t be taking any requests for the month of July. m(_ _)m

In other news, you may have seen that I uploaded a short version of “LOVE & JOY” for Val and Kayla’s “energy dance challenge.” Here are links for both of their channels:

Kayla – http://www.youtube.com/kaymm
Val – http://www.youtube.com/kawaiicadet

I hope more dancers will enter their challenges~. Even if you’re just watching, please check out all of the entries~! ^_^

That’s all! Bye~!

~ Surimu-chan


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