– More About Tutorials –

I mentioned on my Facebook page that my current tutorial request system isn’t working very well… at all. orz Also, you may have noticed that the video that I uploaded to YouTube describing the tutorial request system is now gone. (I didn’t delete it; it’s just unlisted. (^_^”)>)

After thinking about it, I realized a few of the problems with the system (which should have been obvious, I suppose):

– Those who have the annotations on videos turned off wouldn’t see the link to the video describing the request system.
– Not everyone reads the video descriptions, so that rules that out, too.
– Not everyone would visit my channel/read my channel info, so it wouldn’t really help to put it there.
– I don’t think I’d be wrong if I said most people who request from me don’t read the request criteria on my blog. (^_^”) (I mean no offense.)

So, having said all that… does anyone have any suggestions? I considered just doing the tutorials when I felt like it. (^_^”)> If you have any, suggestions for submitting tutorial requests/getting others to notice request criteria would be very much appreciated.

The tutorial for “ルカルカ★ナイトフィーバー” will be up in a few days~. =)

Thank you for your time~! =D

~ Surimu-chan


3 Responses to “– More About Tutorials –”

  1. Amira El Fekih Says:

    Well you can always have a special requests mail address and post the address on every dance vid description saying you only make tutorials if a link to a 15 sec video sequence of the person dancing the dance was sent to that mail address. :/ Just keep repeating that in every video description, on your channel or just comment on your own videos ( we always look at the comments, and the ones you make will appear first ) 😉 This may not be very helpful but personally I think repeating it everywhere is the key to getting ppl to know you tutorial request system…><

  2. Amira El Fekih Says:

    Oh and if ppl deactivate their notifications, it won’t stop you from just putting in the first few seconds of every vid a little sequence with text written telling the viewer about your little sistem ^_^. Its completely fool-proof 😛

    • Surimu-chan Says:

      Thanks so much for your input, Amira! ^__^ I did consider doing something like you suggested, but there’s one big problem that I’ve run into: multiple people requesting the same tutorial, but not everyone sending a proper submission. orz I think it would be a little much to keep the tutorials private/unlisted and just send the links to those who have sent a submission. If I only waited until one person sent a submission, than the other person/people would get the tutorial without doing anything anyway. (-_-”) I think I’ll have to just choose whether or not I want to do each tutorial. *sigh* But thank you again for writing! I really do appreciate it~! ^_^

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