~Update 39~

Surimu-chan reporting~!

After being up for approximately sixteen hours, my dance cover of “Bad Apple!!” has gotten about 251 views, twenty-two comments, and forty-five likes. O_O Wow. I guess I did something right, huh? XD And… I’ve passed the 2,000 subscriber mark! やった~! Thank you, everyone~!

I have quite a few comments and messages to respond back to; I’ll try to do so as soon as possible. (YouTube was being a bit weird for me today, so it might take a little while. (^_^”)>)

My feet have miraculously recovered! =D …Mostly! However, I’m not going to take any chances by dancing more right now; I’m keeping my break. XD Meanwhile, I’ll be writing tutorials. I’ve started working on the tutorial for “Bad Apple!!” =D So many people seemed to be looking forward to it, so I wanted to get to work on it right away. ^_^

This has been Surimu-chan~! XD

~ Surimu-chan


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