Poll #22 Results and Other News

Hello! I hope everyone had a pleasant Easter~. ^_^

Well, as it is now after midnight, I got back to work on video stuff. =) I started recording the audio for the “ワンルームディスコ” tutorial, but I’ll have to finish recording the rest tomorrow because I’m rather tired right now. (^_^”)>

I’m hoping to film “ハッピーシンセサイザ” tomorrow, because my dad said it’s supposed to be nice outside. Then again, if there are as many distractions this time as there were last time, I’ll have to either wait to film it or concentrate very hard. (-_- ) <– *concentrating*

If I don’t get that done, I’ll try to record the steps for the “Beginner” tutorial. ^_^

I was planning on ending the poll tonight… so I did. XD Oddly enough, it seems that “Outside” got one more vote before I closed the poll, thereby matching the number of votes for “Inside.” That being said, it seems I’ll just keep doing videos either inside or outside and someone should be happy with it. XD

Film outside – 50% – 8 votes
Film inside – 50% – 8 votes

So there’s that. And…


I was going to say something else, but I’m so tired that I completely forgot what. (^_^”)> I think that means I should get to bed. XD

Good night~.

~ Surimu-chan


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