~Update 37~

I’m on a roll~! Not only did I film the “fixed” dance cover of “Beginner,” but I got the audio for the “Beginner” tutorial recorded as well! =D However, I’m going to hold off on filming the tutorial steps for a bit because… would you believe I’m going to take another break? (^_^”)> I didn’t hurt myself… well, not really. I just misstepped somehow. It was really odd; I was just walking down the hall, and my right foot suddenly sort of turned so that I stepped on the outside of my foot. o_O It surprised me.

Actually, Easter is in a week, so I suppose this would be a good time to take a break anyway. ^_^ Also, the last time I uploaded so many videos in such a short amount of time without any of them being recorded earlier, I got tendinitis, so… yeah. Break time. XD

Here’s what you can look forward to after I get back from my Easter break:

– Happy Synthesizer – I’ve had this one learned for… quite a while. I just haven’t filmed it…
– Beginner Tutorial – All that remains is the filming and the editing for this!
– S/mileage dance – I have this one learned; I just need to fine tune it. Know which dance it is? Here’s a hint: it’s one of their indies singles. =D

These are the only ones that are for sure. I think, during my break from dancing, I’m going to have to force myself to finish writing the tutorial for “ワンルームディスコ.” Also, I really do apologize for taking so long on “Bad Apple!!” I have the “黒” side learned, but all of the footwork was putting a bit of a strain on my foot, so I haven’t been practicing it for the past few days. m(_ _)m I’m sure I’ll be able to get back to it soon, though!

The poll seems to be coming along nicely. “Outside” was in the lead for a little while, but “Inside” currently has one more vote. I plan on leaving it up for the rest of this week at least. (Just a note: Tutorials will always be inside.)

I kind of forgot to celebrate this blog’s one-year anniversary. (^_^”)> As of today, this blog is one year, one week, and one day old! *gasp* and it’s 2011! Ah, if only it had been January 11. XD Sorry, I’m rambling. Anyway, I currently have 7,912 views on this blog. =O Amazing~! Thank you all for reading!!  ❤

One final thing… it snowed yesterday morning!  O_O  Most of it melted by the end of the day, but, early this morning, I noticed more of it outside! Actually, the stuff from this morning seemed too grainy to be snow; maybe it was hail?! It looked like a huge bag of salt was poured all over our house and yard. XD Wow~.

~ Surimu-chan


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