~Update 36~

Here’s how everything’s going:

クローバー♣クラブ Tutorial – I started recording the audio for this one. Because recording the audio is my least favorite part of making the tutorials, it may take me a little while to finish doing so, but, once it’s done, I should make better time in finishing. (^_^”)>

DISCOTHEQUE Tutorial – This one is done being written, which means I get to move on to… audio recording. orz   XD

Beginner Tutorial – I finished writing this, as I said before, but I have to re-record the dance and then make any necessary tweaks to the tutorial before I can start on the audio.

ワンルームディスコ (Short Vers.) [Kashiyuka’s Part] Tutorial – I’m still writing this one…

Bad Apple!! – I’ve learned quite a bit of the dance, but it still needs work.

I was thinking about doing another simple H!P dance to keep my sanity as I work on all of these tutorials. XD Maybe something from S/mileage…?

~ Surimu-chan


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