~Update 35~

First of all, I changed my header back to an older one (I believe it was from September of last year) until I can get a new one made. (^_^”)>

Secondly… I seemed to have kept some of my bad habits from my school days. (^_^”)> Let me explain. When I was in school, whenever I did something incorrectly (especially during class), I would get so embarrassed that I would go into overdrive to do better so as to not make such a mistake again. When I was re-watching my dance cover of “Beginner,” I noticed that I didn’t swing my arm correctly during the second part of the chorus. orz I felt so bad about it that I just finished writing the entire tutorial for “Beginner” after a few hours. I’m sorry for making such an obvious mistake. T_T  I plan on redoing the dance for the tutorial so that the move is done correctly. m(_ _)m

That being said, I have about forty-five seconds of the “DISCOTHEQUE” tutorial left to write. After I finish with that, I think I’ll start working on recording the audio for the “Beginner,” “DISCOTHEQUE,” and “クローバー♣クラブ” tutorials.

Also, I got another request the other day… but this was for a regular dance cover and not a tutorial! Don’t get me wrong; I don’t hate making tutorials. It’s just that they can be pretty exhausting (especially so many at once), so to be able to just do a dance without thinking about the tutorial will be kind of nice. (^_^”)> Ah, the dance that was requested is “BREEZE.” I’ll update my “♫ Requested Dances ♫” page once I’ve confirmed a few more tutorial requests. ^_^

I have another dance learned already~. It wasn’t requested by anyone, but I wanted to do a nice, mellow dance just… because. ^_^ It’s Mano Erina’s “春の嵐.” =D Even though I usually learn the more involved parts (in the case of Mano-chan’s songs, it’s usually the backup dancers’ parts), I decided to learn Mano’s part this time. I plan on doing another video with the backup dancers’ part eventually. I’ll try to record this version soon, though~.

That’s all~. =)



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