Ugh, Not Again! (>_<*)

Any of you who were following my YouTube dances around a year ago and earlier might be able to guess what’s coming. Remember that time that my computer got a really bad virus and just stopped working?

… Do you see where this is going? …

Well, it’s happened again. The new version of the same blasted virus that screwed my computer up before somehow made its way onto it again. I can no longer use the Internet from my laptop, so it’s more or less useless for my YouTube videos. This also means, I am very, very sorry to say, that, until I can get it fixed (which may be a while), all tutorial videos are on hiatus until further notice. m(_ _)m

Also, any dances that I do will be regular, one-cut videos, which means “Oomakiba wa Midori” may not happen this spring (not to mention that we did have that blizzard last night). Any other videos I had planned with split-screening (“Bad Apple!!”) or other special effects will also be postponed. orz

While I’m at it, I might as well say that I won’t be able to type any Japanese characters until my computer is fixed either. I can only view them on the Internet with the family computer, so I’ll have to copy and paste them from elsewhere to be able to use them at all. (-_-”)

Here’s the silver lining: unlike last time, I have backed up most of my files on a portable hard drive, and the ones that I didn’t have on there I have on a flash drive, so that’s something to be happy about.

Because I can’t use the family computer all the time, updates will be few and far between. I guess it’s a good thing that I saved “Clover Club” and “DISCOTHEQUE” to upload later.


Okay, now that I’ve thrown my cyber-tantrum, I’ll apologize.

m(_ _)m I’m sorry for complaining, and I know others have it much worse, so please don’t feel too upset for such a childish person as me. (^_^”)>

Please continue to pray for those affected by everything that has happened in Japan.

I’ll do my best to keep learning dances so that I might be able to give others something to smile about~.

Thank you for reading such a long post. (^_^”)>

~ Stephanie


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