☀ Lots of Miscellaneous Stuff ☀

As the title says, this post contains “lots of miscellaneous stuff.” XD First of all, and probably the most relevant for most people who visit this blog, here are a few updates.

– I recorded both “クローバー♣クラブ” and “DISCOTHEQUE” a few days ago, but I’m still going to wait a few more days to upload them to YouTube. I will be posting them both sometime this month, though.

– I’ve started writing the tutorials for both “クローバー♣クラブ” and “DISCOTHEQUE” as well. I have the outlines done for both of them; I also have about thirty-two seconds of the one for “クローバー♣クラブ” and ten seconds of the one for “DISCOTHEQUE” written. The tutorial for “ワンルームディスコ (Short Vers.) [Kashiyuka’s Part]” is maybe a little over a third done being written. Even after I finish the writing, I still have the audio, video, and editing to do for each tutorial, so please be patient. m(_ _)m

– Because it’s spring, you know what that means… another Douyou Pops video! *cheers* I learned most of the dance for “おお牧場はみどり” already, but I have to wait until all of the snow melts before I can film it. (Speaking of snow, we’re supposed to get another twenty to twenty-five centimeters tomorrow! o_O)

That’s all for video news at the moment, but here are a few other things I thought I’d share.

– This blog has been around for a little less than a year, but it already has over 7,000 views! =D Thank you to everyone who has checked out my blog.  I hope you enjoyed your visit~. (^_^”)>

– I finished Kingdom Hearts today! ^__^ I got Sora up to Level 100, beat all tournaments (and all modes for each one) in the Olympus Coliseum (including the Gold and Platinum Matches), got Ultima Weapon, and… yeah, I pretty much did everything. XD As much as I loved the game and as much as I want to go right on to Kingdom Hearts II (or Chain of Memories should be next, I suppose), I don’t want to overdo it with the action RPGs so that I hurt my arm again. (^_^”)> I’ll probably either go back and finish Final Fantasy VII (because my brother brought his old PS2 in my room when I was in the middle of playing that) or move on to Final Fantasy X-2 (even though I heard that a lot of people didn’t like it… (^_^”)>).

And…. yep~, that’s it. Well, back to work on the tutorials, I suppose.  ^_^ Bye~~~~~!

~ Surimu-chan


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