~☆~ Calypso ~☆~

Here are some pictures of Calypso~. =D Not all of these were taken yesterday (in fact, the last one is the only one I took on her birthday…), and most of them were taken when she was sleeping/lying down, because, when she’s up, she never stays still long enough to take a decent picture. XD

I love this picture~.

I love how she has her nose buried in the covers. XD

Ah… she caught me taking pictures. XD

She found that bone outside, so she had to parade around the house with it. I just thought the way she had it in her mouth was hilarious. XD


Ah~, so cute~!

That’s all for pictures. I didn’t realize how long it’s been since I last posted pictures on here… I think it was on Christmas Day!

My mom and sister and I went through some boxes out in the garage, so I am, once again, very tired. (^_^”)> It was kind of fun seeing some old books and school papers of mine, though. =)

That’s all~.

~ Surimu-chan


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