Poll #19 Results and Poll #20

Mushi no Koe – 16.67% – 2 votes
Koi no Vacance – 16.67% – 2 votes
Aka Hana no Tonakai – 41.67% – 5 votes
Pittari Shitai X’mas! [Short Vers.] – 16.67% – 2 votes
Sprinter! [Short Vers.] (Download Only) – 8.33% – 1 vote

Wow, it took me long enough to write this. (^_^”)> “赤鼻のトナカイ” is the clear winner of this one~.

The new poll asks you which of the listed songs you would like to see me dance to first. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean I’ll upload it next (“Danceでバコーン!” is the most likely choice for my next upload), but whichever one gets the most votes will be done before the others on the list.

Thanks to everyone who’s been voting in these polls! And, of course, thank you to those who are watching my videos~! ^__^

~ Surimu-chan


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