~Update 30~

Another update so soon? (^_^”)>

So~~… I have been working on my dances. They just seem to be taking longer than others, for some reason.

– I pretty much have “Danceでバコーン!” learned, but I have to make my moves sharper, because I recorded a practice one, and it looks… not very good yet. orz

– “右肩の蝶” is half done; that is, I have one part of it recorded, and I just started learning the other half today. It may take a while… o_o

– I’ve started writing my tutorial for “RIVER,” but, because this is a rather complicated dance, it’s not going to be ready for quite some time.

– A dance for my third collaboration has been decided! I’m just waiting to know who I’ll be following for the dance, then I’ll start working on it. ^_^

– This has nothing to do with my dancing, but I’ve made it to Disc 2 for Final Fantasy VII! Yay~! I’ve been leveling up like crazy; I think Cloud is at Level… 53, maybe? ^___^

That’s all for now~.

~ Surimu-chan


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