Exciting~! … Tiring…

Hey, everyone! The Internet is a bit slow here, at the moment, so I’ll have to wait until early tomorrow morning to try to add my video to the download section. (^_^”)> I was planning on uploading more, but I went into town today, and we got home not long ago; unfortunately, I’m really tired, so I won’t be able to film any more tonight. m(_ _)m I’ll try to think of something else to upload in addition to the first one for tomorrow.

Anyway, my brother took me into town today to see… The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader! I was really excited to see it, because it was my favorite of the books. They switched some things around, of course, and added other things, but it was actually very enjoyable. ❤ I liked it more than Prince Caspian.

I also woke up early to read news on the ninth generation of モーニング娘。, which was another thing I was excited about. This is the first time since I started listening to H!P music that they’ve added members~. I’ll definitely be supporting them. ^_^

But for now… *yawn* so tired.


~ Surimu-chan


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