Calypso, Snow, and Cookies~!

It’s been a while since I posted pictures (on Halloween, I think?!), so I thought I’d share a few. =D First, here are a couple of Calypso~! ❤

She’s in my brother’s room here. The bored look on her face while she has that toy in her mouth makes me laugh every time. XD

In this picture, she was watching a squirrel move across the yard, so she was very still, which is why she’s covered in snow. XD The squirrels seem to like to tease her.

Next are a couple of pictures of snow; the picture of the table is from December 3rd, and the second one is from December 10th. We’ve gotten more snow since then… twelve to fifteen centimeters just last night!

Finally, here are a few pictures of some of the cookies that my mother and I made last week.

These are Spritz cookies (made with a cookie press). This picture is when I was switching from green dough (for the first batch of Christmas trees) to red dough (for poinsettias/flowers); I managed to make a couple of wreaths accidentally! =D

The stars that have a bit of red (which is most of them, actually) were from the transition from red to yellow dough. I’m quite proud of the Christmas trees with yellow stars on top. ^_^

This tin of cookies was for my sister’s bus driver. It contains (clockwise from the top) chocolate chip cookies, thumbprints (with strawberry jam), caramels (they’re wrapped in wax paper underneath the thumbprints), fudge, gingersnaps, lemon poppyseed bread, Russian tea cakes, and almond bark-covered pretzels and pecans (the last two are in the middle).

This bunch of cookies was for our mailman. It has everything that the other one had, as well as a few colorful Spritz cookies (which weren’t done in time to give to the bus driver). We had another one similar to this for our garbageman. ^_^

The cookies are mostly gone now. T_T But we’re going to make some more before Christmas, because my (second oldest) brother is coming home from the cities for a while. =D

~ Surimu-chan


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