Another Record Soon?! and Snow~

Ehh~?! It’s only a little past noon here, and I already have seventy-two views on this blog~! If this keeps up, it could be a new record (my current record for number of views in a day is 96 on Thanksgiving, November 25th)! This is really surprising to me, considering I’ve only uploaded one video so far this month. (^_^”)> I tried to record another one last night, but it was blurring just as badly as the red part in “赤鼻のトナカイ.” T_T

On a random note, did you notice? It’s snowing on my blog~! =D I think it fits perfectly with my header. ^__^ It’s also “snowing” over on Chotto Ikashita PURE BLOG. I finally finished writing my Guardians 4 rankings on there, so I was glad to get those done. *nods*

~ Surimu-chan


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