Caramels and Dances

(No, this post doesn’t have anything to do with Caramelldansen. XD)

I helped my mom make caramels today~. She sends some to my aunt for Christmas every year. ^_^

In other news… *sigh* I couldn’t film my Christmas video again. I wanted to get it out soon, because I haven’t uploaded anything to YouTube for so long. I’m hoping that next week, at the latest, I’ll have it uploaded. Once you see it, you’ll understand why it’s taking so long. (^_^”)>

I’ve also been working on a request. I believe this one will take me a while to learn as well…

I’m almost done learning the dance for my second collaboration. I only have the dance break left to learn. It’s about twenty seconds… but it’s a very frustrating twenty seconds. XD Well, I’ll figure it out somehow. =D

~ Surimu-chan


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