Today is a Great Day…

… for a few reasons. Remember when I said I hurt my back a few days ago? Well, since I couldn’t move around much, I slept a lot of the day, which ended up almost reversing my sleep schedule. (^_^”)> However, something good came of this.

My brother’s sleeping schedule is a bit off, too, because of his work hours, so, not long after I woke up, he did as well. Since we had both missed supper, he made a pizza, and we ate it while watching documentaries on old monster movies (which were extremely interesting). That was very enjoyable. =)

Later on, after my sister had gone to school, my mom helped me take pictures for my new blog header. I ended up getting snow in my hair, on my back, and all over my sleeves, but that mini-photoshoot was also very enjoyable. =D

Once I got back inside and changed into dry clothes, I made myself some hot chocolate and ramen and had them while watching an episode of “るろうに剣心.” My mom surprised me by giving me a few pieces of chocolate (including a Lindor truffle~!!) to eat after I finished my ramen. This was also… very enjoyable. XD

And there’s still the rest of the day! ^__^

I hope everyone has a great day, too~! =D

~ Surimu-chan


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