☆☃★ Christmas Shopping ★☃☆

I started my Christmas shopping today~! I have to shop for my parents, my three brothers, my sister, and my dog; I managed to find something for my dad, one of my brothers, my sister, and Calypso (… my dog XD), so I only have three more people to find gifts for~. ^__^

I’m in a good mood! It’s not only because I got some shopping done, but because I feel much better than I did yesterday. Two days ago, when I was practicing an upcoming dance, I did one of the moves too forcefully and hurt my back, so I couldn’t dance at all yesterday. It was really frustrating… (-_-”) However~, I’m back in business, so to speak. =D

Hmm… “すんごいマイバースディ” is stuck in my head. XD

~ Surimu-chan


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