Poll #16 Results and Poll #17

A random fact about Surimu-chan – 27.78% – 5 votes
An item Surimu-chan treasures – 22.22% – 4 votes
Surimu-chan practicing a new dance – 16.67% – 3 votes
Surimu-chan making a craft – 11.11% – 2 votes
Surimu-chan doing something random – 22.22% – 4 votes

If you’ve been watching my “楽しい分” videos, you’ll have already seen the first response to this poll (that is, a random fact about myself). I plan on doing at least one of all of these at some point~.

Poll #17 asks if you have watched anything from the “スリムちゃんの宝の箱” page. Just to be clear, “スリムちゃんの楽しい分 videos” are the ones that are labeled as such; “Dance videos” would include “Sprinter! – Split Screen Test,” “恋のバカンス (Dance Cover) [Sped Up],” and “チョコレイト・ディスコ [Short Vers.] (Dance Cover);” the “Other videos” would be the bloopers and Thanksgiving video.

Most of the videos have only had three downloads, so I expect to get a lot of “No; I haven’t watched any of them,” votes. (^_^”)>

That’s all~. ^_^

~ Surimu-chan


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