Happy Thanksgiving~!

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone~! ^_^ I have to hurry to get this post up on time… (^_^”)>

I’ll be uploading a video of my Thanksgiving meal in a little while. I felt a bit odd filming the food with my brother and sister staring at me (or were they staring at the food? XD), so I didn’t say much. Also, the video will probably be shorter than usual; I haven’t edited it yet.

In other news, not only did I already pass 4,000 total views for this blog, but today set the new record for most views in one day with 96 views! Wow~! Thank you~!! ^__^

I’ll go finish that video now. (Edit: The video is up! It’s only forty seconds long, though. (^_^”)>)

Once again, thank you, Happy Thanksgiving, and God bless! ^_^

~ Surimu-chan


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