Poll #15 Results and Poll #16

With special effects – 17.65% – 3 votes
With special effects, but only simple ones – 23.53% – 4 votes
Without special effects – 5.88% – 1 votes
Either way is fine – 41.8% – 7 votes
No opinion – 11.76% – 2 votes

It seems that either way is fine, though people also seem to like the special effects, for the most part. =) Moving right along…

The next poll asks you which of the following you would like to see as a “楽しい分” (“Fun Minute”) video: a random fact about me, an item that I treasure, me practicing a dance, me making a craft (painting or something similar), or me doing something random. XD

Happy voting~! I have a few things to post now…

~ Surimu-chan


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