UFO (Dance Cover) Trivia

– I’ve been planning to do this dance for my Halloween video for… at least three months (even though it turned out to be not very Halloween-ish at all…). I’ve wanted to do the dance in general for a while. =D

– I had a few different ideas for this video, that, unfortunately, didn’t work out. That’s because they all required an alien mask that one of my brothers used to own, but it’s been missing for a while. (… I couldn’t really do anything that would go exactly with the lyrics… (^_^”))

– I had wanted to do the dance at night or early in the morning with only the light above the garage door as lighting, but the camera didn’t pick it up very well, so I had to wait until daylight. orz

– The “story” that I finally went with ended up not making much sense; this is what it’s supposed to be: I’m sleeping when I suddenly hear something outside. (It turns out to be a dancing alien! XDD) I put on my sweatshirt and head out to investigate, only to find nothing. Grr, those dancing aliens waking me up early! … I know, it’s lame, but there’s only so much I could do! XD

– For the “alien” me, I was wearing all green (with the exception of my shoes) and even a bit of sparkly green eyeshadow, though you couldn’t see it.

– The pajama pants I’m wearing are actually green even though they look kind of blue.

– The blanket that I’m lying under was crocheted for me by my mother. ^__^

– Some other things you can see in my room include my chocobo plush, the hilt of my Tetsusaiga replica, and the white mage and “美” squares that my mom crocheted for me on the wall in the back. =D

– The sweatshirt I was putting on says “Bristol Bay Alaska” and has a picture of a fish on it. My family used to live in Alaska, but I was only a couple of years old then.

– My room light was too yellow-looking, so I chose to open the blinds on my window, but then the sunlight was so bright that my room looked terribly dark on camera. To fix that, my mom brought her daylight lamp in.

– My smile falters a bit throughout this… because it was so cold outside! O_O XD

– I’m terrible at acting like I just woke up. (^_^”)>

– I did three takes for falling out of my bed. XD

– I don’t usually tie my hair back when I sleep.

– This video was filmed on October 20th; I wanted to make sure I did it before it got too cold. It turned out to be a good idea, because the first snow of the season arrived a few days ago (but melted already)!

– I wanted to include the picture at the end (which I’m sure you recognize) because I really love how it turned out. =D I don’t believe I’m all that photogenic, but I like to think these pictures are rather nice. ^_^ Also, there’s no extra powder on my face… I’m just naturally ghostly pale… o_O

Well, that’s that. ^_^ Happy Halloween~! =D

~ Surimu-chan


2 Responses to “UFO (Dance Cover) Trivia”

  1. Yuuki Says:

    Hi,stephanie! You must be busy in these days.Take care yourself please.
    I’ve seen your new video.Feedback? What a charming “alien” you are!!!
    I think “UFO” is US FORCES’s military secret. So,I don’t believe “alien” in fact.

    FYI, Would you like to know my vote about Anniversary Polls?
     Song/dance: チャンス チャンス ブギー
     Outfit: White with grey/silver & green
     Hairstyle: Ponytail
    My votes elected except hairstyle!! I’m so glad cause I’m in on your Anniversary video(^^♪ I’m looking forward to watching it!!Thank you.


    • Surimu-chan Says:

      Hi, Yuuki~~! Thank you for watching my video! I’m glad you liked it. ^_^

      Ooh~, and thank you for voting in the anniversary polls, too! =D I was happy that “チャンス チャンス ブギー” was the winner, because I don’t think anyone has done a dance cover of that yet (at least, I haven’t seen any), and I always love doing the more obscure dances. I think it will be a fun video to make. =)

      Thank you for writing~! ^__^

      ~ Stephanie

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