★ Happy Halloween~! ★

I couldn’t really think of anything for a costume, so I settled for the outfit I was going to use for “Joker” (if I ever make it T_T). Oddly enough, it doesn’t look a thing like it should, so let’s just call this, “Joker – Surimuchan Version.” XD My mom took tons of pictures (because I was never satisfied with my pose >_<”), but I took fifteen of them and Photoshopped some of them together.

The cards I’m holding have me as the King, Queen, and Jack of Hearts. I also have the Ace of Hearts and me as the Joker. =D … Yeah… I don’t know. XD Well, I think I’ll have some ice cream; I only had three pieces of Halloween candy, so I might just go all out with ice cream toppings~. XD

I’ll see you in November~!

~ Surimu-chan


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