Anniversary Polls: Final Results

Song/dance: チャンス チャンス ブギー (Chance Chance Boogie) – 30% – 6 votes
Outfit: White with grey/silver & green – 52.63% – 10 votes
Hairstyle: Pigtails – 38.1% – 8 votes

I was fairly surprised that “チャンス チャンス ブギー” won; not only was it a coupling track, but it was only performed once in concert, so I thought it wouldn’t have much of a chance (haha XD) against the popular albums tracks and Mano Erina single. My mom was worried at first because it was so far behind the other ones when the poll started, but she was excited to see it ended up winning; it was her favorite of the four. =D

I was surprised again with the “White with grey/silver & green” outfit that ended up winning, and by quite a few votes, too. I thought everyone might have considered it too dressy for the song choices (except maybe “世界は サマー・パーティ,” though the color scheme doesn’t really fit, I guess). Again, my mom was happy, because this was her favorite. XD

The “Pigtails” hairstyle was not a surprise, though the fact that “Ponytail” was tied with it up until the end was.

So, there you have it~! You can expect the video… well, to be honest, I probably won’t get it uploaded on the exact date of my YouTube anniversary. T_T But I’ll try to make it the first video I upload in November. (^_^”)>

~ Surimu-chan


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