~Update 22~

こんにちは~~! Well, I have some more bad news and some more good news.

As I said before, the batteries for my mom’s camera are dying quickly because they’re getting old. The bad news is that, because they are getting old, the videos that I film are getting increasingly blurry, and I have to change the battery more often. Also–again, as I said before–the batteries are really expensive, so I don’t know when we’ll be able to get a new one. =( I apologize for the lower quality of my upcoming videos. m(_ _)m

The good news is~~~… I have another video ready to upload. Already. XD It was fun to put together, and it has more “special effects” but… it blurs. T___T Ah, well… I hope everyone likes it anyway. I’ll be uploading it soon!

In other news, I checked out the poll results today. I couldn’t believe it: all four of the songs/dances are tied! For the outfits, it looks like there’s already a winner (white with grey/silver and green), and for the hairstyles, so far, it’s a tie between “ponytail” and “pigtails.” Ooh~, I wonder what the final results will be…

~ Surimu-chan


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