MY WINGS (Dance Cover) Trivia

– I recorded this dance and all of the extra scenes on the 21st with a slightly different outfit, but, after I started putting it together, I realized that I looked really tired and blank-faced, so I insisted on filming it again. (^_^”)>

– As I said in the YouTube comment box, I put the video together in Movie Maker, but some of the clips were so short that Movie Maker wouldn’t always play them, so I couldn’t tell if they were timed correctly or not. I ended up editing and compressing/saving the video three separate times before I was at least partially satisfied.

– Both of the batteries for my mom’s camera are starting to wear out, which means that they die faster, and the videos blur more. I think they cost around $50 each, so you may have to tolerate the blurriness for a while; I apologize. m(_ _)m

– I was going to use the “special effects” for the “nanka ja nai” lines as well, but they would have been much too short, and I wouldn’t have been able to edit them properly. =/

– At the end of the chorus, when I do the head snap kind of move, you can see the light hit my hair. When I played the video back, I thought one of my hair clips fell out or my tie had flipped up. XD

– In the first version of this dance that I did, I actually hit the wall during the dance break (and it was really loud on camera!), but I didn’t react. XD

And that’s about it~. If you haven’t voted in the YouTube anniversary polls in the sidebar of this blog, please do so~!

Thank you for your time. ^__^

~ Surimu-chan


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