Going On! (Dance Cover) Trivia

– This dance was frustrating me because I practiced it in my room, which doesn’t have too much room to move around in. XD I finally got it, though. ^_^

– The yellow bow I’m wearing just might be my favorite of the ones that I made for these dances. =D

– When I was putting on my skirt, I noticed that I had small black-and-blue marks on both of my shins. o_O I have no idea how that happened; I guess I ran into something without realizing it… What a klutz. XD

– With this dance, I finally meet the goal that I set for myself back in June (“learn and upload all four ガーディアンス4 dances before my next birthday”) with about a week to spare! やった~! (These were, by the way, the collection of themed dances that I talked about a while ago.)

~ Surimu-chan


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