PARTY TIME (Dance Cover) Trivia

– This video was filmed immediately after “おまかせ♪ガーディアン,” but I wanted to upload them in order, so I waited until I had “School Days” up to put this one on.

– I had three different green bows to choose from for this outfit: the first had a marble-like pattern and was a forest green, the second had the same pattern but was a brighter green, and the third was plaid. I had just found the plaid fabric a day or two before, and I immediately thought of this song, so I ended up using that for the video. ^_^

– I actually recorded this dance outside a couple of weeks ago with a different outfit: the same white, button-up shirt, the bright green bow, the black long-sleeved sweater from “好きな先輩,” and black shorts.

– I didn’t use the outdoor version because it didn’t look as good; it was harder to spin on the pavement. XD Also, some people were driving ATVs on the path behind our house and being very loud and distracting. (-_-”)

– This dance took two takes; in the first take, when I punch out with both hands, I accidentally hit my hands together and started laughing. Also, during both takes I was laughing because my mom told me to smile and be energetic, so I started out with a big, silly grin on my face and made her laugh really hard behind the camera. XDD

– This is my favorite ガーディアンス4 song~. Also, it’s either my favorite of their dances, or it ties with “School Days.” =D

– I was going to have someone blow bubbles during the last part of the song, but I couldn’t because 1) my sister’s bubble fan type thing (I’m not sure what it’s called, but the hand-held thing that does a lot of bubbles at once) is missing, and 2) we were inside. Obviously. XD

– Since I put my hair back really quickly, I didn’t do it properly, which resulted in a couple of painful minutes trying to get the hair tie out. Ouch. (>_<*)

~ Surimu-chan


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