School Days (Dance Cover) Trivia

– The bow that I’m wearing in this video has the same pattern as the one being worn by the Surimu-chan in the white mask in my blog’s October header except in blue.

– Unlike “おまかせ♪ガーディアン,” this dance took me more than one take. T_T The first time I got through the whole dance, but, when I played it back, I noticed an obvious mistake, so I wanted to redo it. For the second take, I was concentrating so hard on the upcoming moves, that I messed up on the one I was doing at the time. XD The third time I forgot what the next move was, and the fourth time (the one I used) I still managed to mess up. (^_^”)>

– The black top I’m wearing (which is actually a tank top and not a vest) is terribly hot; after so many takes, I was starting to feel sick. (>_< )

– The part of the dance with the different “members” fading in and out (right after the dance break) was hard to edit because the clips were so short.

– Just before I filmed this, I had taken the pictures for my banner, so the makeup around my eyes was really thick. XD Luckily, I remembered to clean most of it off so that I didn’t look odd in the dance (though that’s debatable… XD).

– I was wearing different hairstyles for the different parts after the dance break, which means you can see what the ones for “PARTY TIME” and “Going On!” will look like (in which I will be following Yurina and Saki, respectively).

– For each of those parts, you may notice that the only one lipsyncing along is the main one (Risako’s part); that’s because I was counting out when I had to move for each of the others’ parts (i.e. Yurina’s part moves on counts 1, 5, and 9, etc.). XD

~ Surimu-chan


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