Poll #13 Results and Poll #14

Cards – 31.58% – 6 votes
Lost Gloves – 15.79% – 3 votes
Stolen Hat – 5.26% – 1 vote
Buono! – 21.05% – 4 votes
Prank – 5.26% – 1 vote
Omake – 21.05% – 4 votes

Ah~, I’m really bad at guessing the top answer, I guess. XD What was it about “Cards” that got it into first place? The timing, maybe? That scene was one of the first few that I filmed, and I was quite proud of how it turned out. In fact, every time I finished putting together another scene, I would watch the new scene and then “Cards” because I enjoyed it. However, after I uploaded my fiftieth video, whenever I went back to respond to a comment or check the number of views, I would always have to watch “Omake” again, because it made me laugh. XD I was really pleased that all of the scenes got at least one vote, though. I didn’t expect that at all! ^_^

The new poll asks you which of the three options you enjoy most: me dancing to older Hello! Project songs (which I, at the moment, classify as anything before the 8th generation of MoMusu joined), newer Hello! Project songs, or non-Hello! Project songs (Perfume, Vocaloid, anime, etc.). Personally, though I love most of the dances I do, my favorites are the older H!P songs, because those are the songs that got me into dancing in the first place. ^__^

~ Surimu-chan


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