~Update 20~

Hey, everyone~. I’m very tired today, for some reason. I hope I’m not catching the cold that’s been going around. o_o Well, here are a few updates (ugh, even my writing sounds tired XD):

– I’m going to wait a little while before I upload my next video, because I didn’t plan on doing “○○ がんばらなくてもええねんで!!” until later, so I’m ahead of my schedule (and yet, somehow, still very far behind?!).

– I’ve been planning my uploads (you may have noticed I’ve had to deviate from my original schedule from ~Update 18~), and I have October completely full already. =O I still plan on doing the four themed dances for October as well as the second challenge video (a blindfolded dance). I also plan on a Halloween video and something to celebrate my “one year on YouTube” anniversary (though the actual date is November 4th).

– There are also a few requests that I want to get out in October, but I’ll try not to upload too much and tire myself out. (^_^”)

– The dance shot for S/mileage’s “同じ時給で働く友達の美人ママ” is out already, so I’ve been looking at that for November, along with a couple of other requests…

So, if I could upload everything that I wanted to for October and part of November, that would be about… fourteen videos? Too much! Right? XD I really need to be more careful; I have to force myself to slow down. (^_^”)>

~ Surimu-chan


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