Poll #9 Results and Poll #10

A lot. – 38% – 5 votes
Some. – 54% – 7 votes
Little. – 8% – 1 vote
Not at all. – 0% – 0 votes

Well, from the look of things, it seems that people do care about accuracy… which makes sense. Hopefully a few mistakes are forgivable, though? (^_^”)

This week’s poll is for another challenge video! Eeeek! XD Now, to explain each of the challenges:

1) Blindfolded dancing – Just as it says, I’ll do a dance blindfolded.
2) Freeze dancing – I will have someone put random breaks/pauses of varying lengths in a song. Then, I’ll dance to the song, and, when it pauses, I’ll have to freeze.
3) Muted dancing – I will start dancing to a song, and someone will be muting it every so often while I continue to dance. When they turn the volume back on, I will, hopefully, still be in time with the music.

Ooh, I wonder what I’ll get to do this time? XD

~ Surimu-chan


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