I had such a busy day today.

My mom’s friend came to visit for a while. Since her granddaughters are such big fans of my dances (for some reason o_o), she had to take a couple of pictures with me, so they could see that she got to meet “Stessy” (which is what they call me XD). Aww~. ^_^ I also showed her a few dances (“空前未満は見せないで,” “アナタボシ,” and “もってけ!セーラーふく,” all of which I’ll try to upload as soon as possible), and she took some pictures while I was dancing so she could show them to her granddaughters. =D

After she left, my brother, my sister, my mom and I all went out for pizza with some of my mom’s family.

And now… I’m very tired. (^_^”)> As nice as it is to see everyone, I love to just relax at home. I think the time immediately after you get back from school or work or a trip is the best~~. ^_^ I’m such a boring person, you know? XD

I think I’ll play Chrono Cross for a bit, and then I’ll read before I go to sleep. We’re going to have more company tomorrow~.

~ Surimu-chan


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