Poll #6 Results and Poll #7

Sorry that I didn’t get this up last night; we had a lightning storm. (^_^”)> Anyway, here are the results.

Yes, very much. – 34.5% – 10 votes
Yes, a little. – 10.3% – 3 votes
No, not really. – 20.7% – 6 votes
No, not at all. – 34.5% – 10 votes

So, overall, it looks… more or less even. XD Though, if you divide the answers into strictly “Yes” or “No,” “No” would have had more votes. That’s good to hear, as I tend to not be able to match the original outfits most of the time. (^_^”)> … m(_ _)m

The next poll is just something I’ve been wondering: how many YouTube dancers do you follow regularly? By “regularly,” I suppose I mean you watch all of their videos at least, even if you don’t comment on them. ^_^

Also, this isn’t really related but, wow, I can’t believe three Morning Musume graduations at once. T_T

~ Surimu-chan


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