Poll #4 Results and Poll #5

Dance blindfolded – 12.5% – 2 votes
Dance medley (random playlist) – 62.5% – 10 votes
Guessing challenge – 25% – 4 votes

Aaa~h! The random dance medley had a huge lead! Well, as I said before, for the rest of July, I’m focusing on a few of my requests, but, come August, I’ll try this challenge out. … 怖い~! XD Thank-you to those of you who voted!

Poll #5 asks which of my dance clothes you like best (it’s a lame question; I know T_T). I picked a few that were closer matches to the original outfits (except for the S/mileage one; I just liked that outfit =D). If you choose “Other,” please write which one you like in the box or in a comment on this post. ^_^

~ Surimu-chan


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