Old Treasures Part 6: The Smallest of the Stacking Boxes

And, finally, in the smallest of the stacking boxes were some of my favorite toys when I was little: a jumping figure of Sabor from Disney’s Tarzan; a pink swan whose wings flap when you move its head; an orange cat that, when you wind up its tail, spins around and then flips; a mini Santa figure; a tiny puppy; a blue dinosaur squirt toy; a flower basket with three flower fairies; and a piece of cake with a little baby inside. I liked them because I thought they were all cute (well, I just liked Sabor because I loved big cats).

Here’s the outside and inside of the little piece of cake.

And here’s the flower basket with the flower fairies in and out.

You could push the bottom of the basket to make them pop out. =D

And that’s the last of the old treasures that I found while looking for my bucket of marbles. Which I did find, by the way. XD

~ Surimu-chan


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