~Progress Report~ 3

–Requested Dances–

☼ 恋愛サーキュレーション – 77% learned
☼ 恋のバカンス – 98% learned
☼ もってけ! セーラーふく – 99% learned
☼ 本気ボンバー!! – 95% learned

–スリム★ミニ CLIPS and PVs–

☼ Sprinter! – Pre-production
☼ Joker – Pre-production
☼ 男女 – Pre-production
☼ 3rd スリムちゃん PV – Planning stage

For the requested dances, I only gave percentages for those that are over 50% learned. As you can see, I know a few of them (more or less); it’s just a matter of when my foot will cooperate. (^_^”)> (It doesn’t hurt; it’s just been terribly stiff.)

All three of the mini clips are in “pre-production,” which, in this case, means I have the scripts done, and I’m just waiting on a few things before I start filming. My third, full-length PV-type video is also in the planning stage. Actually, I’ve been planning this one for a while, and I know what I’m going to do for it, but I just have to work on a few things before I can actually start doing anything with it.

Regarding other videos… so far, it looks like I’ll be doing the random medley challenge. XD Here I was worried about not having a clear winner, and I already have nine votes! Thank-you to those who have voted so far~! ^_^ This challenge won’t be recorded until next month at least, though, because I want to work on my requests for the rest of July. (^_^”)>

Whew~! I have a lot to work on…

~ Surimu-chan


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