Poll #3 Results and Poll #4

Suki na Senpai (好きな先輩) – 35.7%  – 5 votes
Genki+ (元気+) – 21.4% – 3 votes
I liked both equally. – 21.4% – 3 votes
I like regular dances better. – 7.1% – 1 vote
I have no opinion. – 14.3% – 2 votes

Hmm… I thought so. XD “好きな先輩” had more of a story, so I assumed that would get the most votes. I was happy to see that “元気+” and “I liked both equally,” got votes, too, though. Thank-you to everyone who voted~! ^__^

The new poll… is a bit scary. XD It asks which challenge I should try: dancing blindfold, dancing to medley with a random playlist, or a guessing challenge. Let me explain them.
1. Dance blindfolded – This is exactly as it says: I’ll dance blindfolded. I’ve done this challenge before, but I’ve never uploaded a video of it.
2. Dance medley (random playlist) – I will have a bunch of H!P songs on a playlist (with songs that I have danced to and songs that I haven’t danced to), and I will do my best to dance to as many as I can… or just stand there and look embarrassed if I don’t know it. (^_^”)>
3. I got this idea from an old clip of… Onyanko Club, I believe. I’ll have to guess the object that flies past me or I’ll have a punishment… namely a bucket of water thrown on me. I don’t know whether to use this face T_T or this face XD.

If I don’t have at least ten votes by the end of the week, I’ll leave it up for another week, just to make sure there’s a clear winner. Vote for whichever challenge you like; I’ll do whatever has the most votes. ^_^

~ Surimu-chan


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