~ Update 16~

I’ve been seeing news about all of the flooding and landslides in Japan. I’m not sure if anyone reading this is affected, but is everyone doing okay? I hope so. We’re under a tornado warning right now; one was spotted about ten miles away. o_o

I have some news regarding the pages on this blog~.

First of all, the Priority List that I have been using will be irrelevant as of August 2nd. I’ll have a new one up at that time. The only change I’m really going to make is the order; actually, there won’t really be any order in the new one. Using my current Priority List, I’ve been trying to get all of my requests out first; however, various factors have been making it increasingly difficult for me; my recent injury, though it’s feeling much better, still prevents me from doing dances that put a lot of strain on my left foot (though I will still do those dances eventually). I will still take requests, but I’ll be doing some dances that aren’t requested in between those that are. I feel really terrible about this. T__T This won’t be until next month, though, so I’ll try to get as many of the requested dances out as I can (without hurting myself) before then.

Also, I have changed the list of “♫ Upcoming Dances ♫” in the sidebar into a list of “♫ Requested Dances ♫.” Sorry for any confusion. m(_ _)m

Now, here’s something a little different; these are a few pictures that will make a small appearance in an upcoming video. Hmm… (^_~) (Also, yes, I know I look absolutely and completely ridiculous in these. XD)

~ Surimu-chan


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